9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne, IL

  • Architect: Gensler
  • General Contractor: Clune Construction

For many years, Kelso-Burnett Co. has worked on many of the major projects at Argonne National Laboratory. In 2007, Kelso-Burnett Co. worked with Clune Construction on a data center for the world’s fastest supercomputer (at the time), the IBM Blue Gene/P, at the country’s first national laboratory. 100,000 times more powerful than a home PC, the supercomputer can process more operations in one second than a stack of laptop computers nearly 1.5 miles high. Kelso-Burnett’s team of electricians installed a 750KUA UPS System, 800 AMP Panels and 2,000-AMP switchgear to power the supercomputer and surrounding data center.